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What is a 5-year journal?

Much more than a simple list of what you do every day, a journal can help you remember the people and events that matter to you. Furthermore, it's a tool to help you understand who you are, where you're going and how to get there.

A good 5-year journal helps you:

  • Capture the things that matter to you. A good journal captures both the important images of your life now and the things that you want later in your journey.
  • Keep a running photographic record of yourself and the people you care about. Have you seen those websites that show a person as they grow over the years to become someone new? Why not do that for yourself? Penzu makes that easy.
  • Understand your goals. Isn't the point of a great journal to see where you've come from and where you're going?

Start by using some of these 5-year journal questions:

  1. What do you really need to become a happier person and make life easier for yourself?
  2. What good habits would you like to start?
  3. How can you improve your financial security in the next five years?
  4. Which new, fun activities would you love to do at least once?
  5. Would you like to start or prepare for a family? Do you want to spend more time with your extended family?
  6. What is the most important priority in your life now, and would you like that to change?
  7. How can you improve your health?
  8. Is there any new skill you've always wanted to learn?
  9. Would you like to move somewhere else in the next five years?
  10. Can you break these goals down into focusing on one per year for the next five years?

Have an honest "Q and A" session with yourself so that you can deeply inspire yourself with a fiveyear journal. It's important to choose goals that you feel passionate about because you'll need a lot of enthusiasm to stay focused on making your goals a reality.

Here's how a Penzu journal helps you:

  • Keep your data private. Penzu ensures that your private thoughts stay private through the use of advanced encryption and authentication for your online backups.
  • Add to your journal from anywhere. Penzu lets you add to your journal from your computer, tablet or smartphone whenever you want.
  • Share your entries if you want to. Penzu makes sharing and exporting journal entries easy through email.
  • Add more than just words to your journal. Penzu lets you add images and extra creativity to your diary.

Get started with Penzu today to make your own five-year journal. The Penzu app is free to download, and we offer an easy sign up and free accounts

Your dreams are worth planning for. We'll help you do it!

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