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Bible journals, similar to prayer journals, can provide you with a therapeutic way to better cope with everyday situations, understand your feelings and establish a connection between your life and the biblical content. Bible reading sessions coupled with keeping a journal allow you to apply the knowledge to your everyday life. Writing a journal will also help you connect on a deeper level with God's word through your thought process.

What is a Bible Journal?

Writing down the things that happen in your life on a regular basis and applying the information to what you have read can help you get through difficult situations. Keeping a Bible study journal will aid in living a peaceful life that represents the knowledge you gain through your Bible readings. Writing down your biblical thoughts may also provide you with a reflective outlook for prosperity as well as a cathartic emotional release.

Starting a Bible Journal

The simplest way of starting a diary is to just write down your thoughts as you read the Bible. In order to better organize your thoughts and keep track of what you write, include the scriptures that identify with your current situation to the journal. If you have difficulty getting started writing a bible diary, consider using some of the methods below.

  • Read through a passage in the Bible and relate it to a situation in your life.
  • Write down references to your life that represent a particular Bible verse.
  • Summarize the main points of your Bible study readings.
  • Write down how the Bible study readings relate to your life.
  • Keep a record in your journal of certain passages or words that you don't understand.

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Journal Basics

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