What is a Journal?

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A journal is a record that can be used to detail everything from your feelings about a particular situation in your social life to your thoughts on a current event in the political world. Hence, journals serve a range of purposes. A journal is meant collect your ideas and observations on any number of things and put the happenings of each day into writing. In this way, you are able to better remember what you did, what you thought, and what was happening when you were younger.

Types of Journals

Those who wonder what is a journal should first know that there are numerous types of journals. Thus, a wide array of needs and interests can be satisfied just by keeping a journal. Types include:

  • A daily journal, which can be used to record memorable moments from your life.
  • An expressive journal, which is designed to give you space to pour out your emotions and feelings.
  • A dream journal that can help you put all those vivid dreams onto paper.
  • A travel journal that enables you to document all your wild excursions.
  • A bible journal to write your thoughts as you read the bible.
  • A hobby journal to write about personal interests. For instance, if you are into craft beer, consider writing about each new brew you try.
  • And many, many more...

Why Journal?

As you learn more about journaling, you must understand why you should keep a journal. Most importantly, a journal offers you a private place to go and do whatever you like. You can work on your writing skills by creating stories out of your life. You can use the pen and paper to vent your frustrations. You can write about things you want to do later in life. You can keep track of what you eat. In short, you can do anything. Everything from your deepest feelings to your craziest ideas can be filed into a journal. Journals offer incredible personal benefits as they are not written for an audience, but rather for yourself. Ultimately, by keeping a journal, you get personal freedom and space.

A journal can serve a valuable purpose to any individual. Keeping one is certain to enhance your life in some way. Penzu's online platform offers you a secure and private location to keep any type of journal you like. Online journals never get lost or stolen and can be accessed from anywhere.

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Journal Basics

Ideas for Journals

  • Bible Journal

    Bible journals can provide you with a therapeutic way to better cope with everyday situations, understand your feelings and establish a connection between your life and the biblical content.

  • Prayer Journal

    Deepen your relationship with God by writing down your prayers every day. Learn by reflecting on prayers that have been answered, and others that haven’t.

  • Travel Journal

    Create a collection of adventures, stories, memories, and discovery while you travel. You’ll remember more about your trips and appreciate everything you experienced.

  • How To Create a Reflective Journal

    A reflective journal is the perfect place to jot down some of life's biggest thoughts.

  • Dream Journal

    Dream journals are instrumental in fields as diverse as psychology, natural science, creative arts and advanced mathematics. What is your subconscious trying to tell you?