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Some of the very first thoughts ever etched into clay tablets at the very birth of writing were dreams. For 5,000 years, people have searched the bizarre, beautiful and terrifying images of our dreams for answers to the deepest questions. Sigmund Freud depended on dream journals to understand what motivated those who were deeply troubled. Today, dream journals are instrumental in fields as diverse as psychology, natural science, creative arts and advanced mathematics. What is your subconscious trying to tell you?

What is a Dream Journal?

A dream journal (or dream diary) is a journal in which you write down your dream experiences. A dream journal begins with a simple retelling of dreams, then expands to investigations of what the dreams could mean. It’s one of the easiest ways to get started in the exciting world of journaling.

Whatever occupies our minds during the day is pictured and performed for us in our dreams, but in a radically altered way. So make sure you regularly write down your journal entries!

Without dream journals, our lives today would be a very different place. Here is a very small sample of all the great problems in the world solved by dreaming.

  • Elias Howe's dream showed him how to invent the sewing machine.
  • Einstein's dreams led to the creation of his special theory of relativity.
  • Writers from Kafka to Kerouac relied on their dream journals for their incomparable stories.
  • The mathematician Ramanujan said the Hindu goddess Namakkal showed him formulas in his dreams.

If these artists, scientists, and inventors had not written down their dreams, their creations would have been lost forever.

Besides great inventions, dream journals can deliver a very special gift for some people: lucid dreams. In lucid dreaming, the dreamer can take control of the dream and turn nightmares into fantasies. The first step in learning how to lucid dream is to create a dream journal.

Penzu is your “Online Dream Journal”

Dreams start to evaporate as soon as we wake up so they must be captured quickly. Some people have kept pens and paper by their beds to try to capture their dreams as they melt away. In the 21st century, everyone sleeps with their phone or tablet nearby. It's far simpler to enter your dreams right into your phone or tell your dreams to a voice-to-text program.

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