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If you're like most brides, you are equal parts excited and overwhelmed at the thought of organizing a wedding. There are so many moving parts involved in your big day that it's easy to lose sleep. The good news? There is a way to organize your wedding, all while tracking your excitement as the date approaches. A wedding planning diary is a private way to make organized lists, track your progress, and take notes about the milestones along your journey. One day, you can look back at your online wedding journal and relive the excitement of planning your wedding day.

Benefits of Wedding Diaries

There are so many benefits to journaling. A wedding diary planner is an efficient, secure way to plan the biggest party you'll ever throw. Your Penzu diary provides an online space where you can recap your visit to each vendor, add photos of floral arrangement options and venue spaces, and even create and print out a checklist. Best of all, since your Penzu diary is online, you can access it from nearly anywhere and it will never get lost. You can finally say goodbye to that nightmare of leaving your wedding binder behind at a vendor meeting, never to be seen again!

How to Use a Wedding Planner Diary

Not sure how to start a diary? The wedding planner should feel like your own, so let your personality shine through. To create a diary that really captures your unique wedding planning journey:

  • Add lots of photos! Have friends take pictures of you in wedding dresses you might say "yes" to, and upload photos of your dream table settings.
  • Tag your entries. When you tag each entry with a category title, like "Dresses" or "Place Cards," you can easily go back and find all diary entries that relate to the same part of your wedding plans.
  • Journal about your experience! Don't just jot down a bland account of your wedding dress shopping. Any day you make decisions about your wedding is an important one! Make an effort to recall exactly how you feel during each stage of wedding planning, from nervous to excited to overwhelmed. Recalling how you feel about your wedding planning now lets you compile a more memorable account of the process later.

Remember, your diary entries are secure and can even be password protected -- so your nosy sister can't steal your ideas for her own wedding!

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Diary Basics

Ideas for Diaries

  • Secret Diaries

    Everybody has certain things they don't wish to share with others. That's why a secret diary is so important to many people.

  • Health Diary

    A health diary is not just a list of medical readings and calorie counts. It is a way to record feelings, goals, activities, surrounding events, and results for any particular area of health.

  • Academic Diary

    An academic diary can take some the stress and hassle out of your life by making sure you manage your responsibilities for school better.

  • Electronic Diary

    Whatever your reasons for keeping a diary, you will surely appreciate the ease and convenience of an electronic diary.

  • Food Diary

    Food diaries are an excellent way to track what you're eating.