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Did you know that in the past, your mom or dad probably had a school diary? Yes, your parents! As weird as that may sound to you, school diaries are nothing new. Although back then, school diaries lacked creativity and were basically notebooks with blank covers. They also attracted snoopy little brothers and sisters to open them and take a peek. At this point you're probably saying "ew" and "wow" and you're right to do so. How boring right?

School Diary Template

Luckily, you're living in a more technologically advanced time. And paper is, well, kind of phasing out. Everything is done on tablets, smartphones and laptops. Think about it. When was the last time you looked at your computer or smart device today? Chances are you're looking at one right now to read this, and if you are, that's a good thing. If not, you're reading our thoughts and that's kind of cool!

Anyway, back to diaries. If you're new to the school diary world, you may want to know how they look or what you can put in them. A standard template for a school diary post will usually include:

  • Date of entry
  • Term or semester number
  • A place for your school name and your name
  • Post title or topic
  • Plenty of writing space
  • Tasks to take care of in the future

Unlike printed diaries, which we agree are pretty "bleh", e diaries are much more customizable and some have multiple categories pre-set for you. You can also upload photographs from your computer, smartphone or tablet directly to your entries.

School Diary Samples

A few journal examples for school diary posts are:

  • Today Ms. Halford is totally springing that quiz on us! She said she wouldn't, but I guess I better study tonight. Note to self: Study algebra (equations) tonight. Ace the pop quiz tomorrow!
  • I was sitting at the lunch table with Angela today and Allen cracked the dumbest joke in history. Before I could start laughing, Angela sprayed milk all over the table. Note: Never tell Angela a joke when she's drinking milk. (Insert picture of milk soaked Angela for future reference). It's amazing just how much milk can come out of someone's nose!

With Penzu, you can type out your daily thoughts and journal your most unforgettable moments at school. Remember when your friend said that really funny thing and you just couldn't wait to get home to Facebook it, but then by the time you got home you forgot how it was said? Well, no more of those wasted jokes or secret thoughts. Penzu lets you log in with your PIN number and start typing away whenever you want! The best part about Penzu is that you can keep track of your homework, essays, projects, exam dates and ideas, so no more "oops" moments.

If you like to keep things in more than one place, you can sync your diary entries from your app to the web as well! You'll have privacy, room to express your thoughts and lots of funny things to read back over when you're bored.

By now you're probably waiting for some kind of catch. Well, there is none!

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Diary Basics

Ideas for Diaries

  • Academic Diary

    An academic diary can take some the stress and hassle out of your life by making sure you manage your responsibilities for school better.

  • Health Diary

    A health diary is not just a list of medical readings and calorie counts. It is a way to record feelings, goals, activities, surrounding events, and results for any particular area of health.

  • Work Diary

    Write about your work experiences to reflect on your professional life to track your day-to-day work, consider career opportunities, set milestones, and achieve your goals.

  • Food Diary

    Food diaries are an excellent way to track what you're eating.

  • Electronic Diary

    Whatever your reasons for keeping a diary, you will surely appreciate the ease and convenience of an electronic diary.