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It can be hard to keep organized. Even our thoughts can seem to be difficult to keep in order. If only there was a product that allowed us to write them all down in a creative and organized way; a place that was for us only. Well, you’re in luck because this product exists and it is known as free diary software.

So, what exactly is diary software?

Diary software (aka journal software) is a computer program that allows you to create an online diary simply and easily for no cost. The software can be used on the web, mobile and tablets, turning any of your devices into a writing opportunity. Since it is saved on the cloud, you are able access your diary anywhere.

Why is diary and journal software useful?

Whether you’re starting a food diary or a wedding diary, journal software makes it easier than ever to write, edit and organize digital diary entries, for free. It allows people to create and access personal records through any computer or mobile device, without compromising their privacy or security. This personal diary app gives everyone the opportunity to create an online archive of their thoughts and feelings throughout their life that can be kept private.

Why are diary and journal software better than other methods?

Diary writing software is better than other diaries you’ve kept because it has made diaries more efficient and easier than ever to create and maintain. Especially if you’ve continued to stay old-fashioned, writing by hand can become time-consuming, tiresome and wasteful. Let’s face it: pens are much less efficient than keyboards, your hand can begin to cramp and you end up using tons of paper that could’ve been kept as trees. Do your hand and the environment a favor and go digital.

Even if you have been using your other programs as a diary, such as Microsoft Word, Notes applications or other digital diaries, none of them are as searchable, tagable and easy-to-use as Penzu. It allows you to create, edit and save you work wherever you are, whenever you want, all the while allowing it to be stored and found effortlessly.

Why is Penzu’s diary software the best?

Penzu’s software is fun and easy-to-use. It closely resembles what a notebook would look like, nurturing a simple user experience and facilitating easy editing.

A blank Penzu diary and journal entry ready for writing and sharing.

The diary management software also has a variety of different features including:

  • Privacy: unlike a blog, your entries are private by default
  • Pictures: add personality to your diary by inserting images
  • Personality: choose different themes, backgrounds, colors and fonts
  • Accessibility: you can access your diary via the web, mobile devices and tablets
  • Sharing capabilities: if you want to share entries, you can do so via email or by creating public links
  • Autosave: your work is automatically saved while you type, so you never have to worry about losing it
  • Instant search: find entries you may have forgotten about or lost

Tips on how to get the most out of your Penzu diary:

  1. Sign-up with your personal email address (because your diary is personal).
  2. A blank Penzu signup form, easy to use - just enter name, email, and password to get started right away.
  3. Download the Penzu app, so you can access the software on your mobile device.
  4. The Penzu mobile apps welcome flow and onboarding features give users a tour of the iOS and Android applications before you dive right in.
  5. When online, use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for the best results.
  6. The Google Chrome web browser logo on a white background. The Mozilla Firefox web browser logo on a blue background.
  7. Try to start writing at least one entry per day to get into the swing of things. Penzu will also send you custom email reminders, so you don’t forget.
  8. An alarm icon reminding you to write in your journal or diary.
  9. Don’t worry about what to write, just write!

Now that you’ve discovered all the benefits of writing in an online diary versus on paper, and how to create one, you can begin. It is simple, easy and safe, so get started with Penzu today!

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Diary Basics

Ideas for Diaries

  • Food Diary

    Food diaries are an excellent way to track what you're eating.

  • Academic Diary

    An academic diary can take some the stress and hassle out of your life by making sure you manage your responsibilities for school better.

  • School Diary

    Unlike printed diaries, which we agree are pretty “bleh”, electronic school diaries are much more customizable and some have multiple categories pre-set for you.

  • Work Diary

    Write about your work experiences to reflect on your professional life to track your day-to-day work, consider career opportunities, set milestones, and achieve your goals.

  • Secret Diaries

    Everybody has certain things they don't wish to share with others. That's why a secret diary is so important to many people.