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Unlimited entries

Unlike other journaling platforms, you can write as much and as often as you like, all for free.

Mobile apps

You can write in your journal when not at your computer with our iOS and Android apps.

Saves as you go

Never worry about losing your work — Penzu saves as you type at your computer or on the go.

Custom journals

Choose different covers, backgrounds, fonts and more for each of your journals and entries.


Set daily, weekly or custom reminders to ensure that you never forget to write in your journal.

So much more...

Enjoy unlimited devices, encryption, tagging, search, prompts, journal and entry locking, entry sharing and more.

Built for journaling

Penzu was built specifically for recording your daily life in a reflective journal, keeping track of milestones in a food diary or pregnancy journal, or even recording your dreams in a dream journal — or just write freely.

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With you at all times, home or away


Unlike other platforms, Penzu works well on every device. You can write in any web browser or use our custom built apps for iOS and Android.

Privacy is our #1 concern

Even when carefully kept, paper journals can be read by anyone who happens upon them. Penzu keeps your journals safe with double password protection and military strength encryption so you can rest easy knowing that your entries are secure in the Penzu Vault.

Loved by millions of people around the world

Sister Joy
Sister Joy


I really love the emails Penzu sends me about my past journal entries. It's so good to see where I was then and where I am now.

Journaling is life-saving.

⚡️ MeiBluecheck


On rainy days, Headspace + Penzu are the best combo to tap back into that feeling wherever you are.



Going to get a work journal this week because I'm really so tired of wondering what happened with my day. I keep trying apps I don't like, but just going to invest in Penzu because I like it the best.

Start your journey today

Journaling is a proven way to completely change your life, especially when you stick with it over time. Each time you write you'll get unparalleled clarity and life perspective.

  • 1. Start writing
    All you have to do is start. Take 5 minutes to write in your journal about how you're feeling or reflect on the day.
  • 2. Keep it going
    The more you write the easier it will be. Set reminders to keep a regular daily, weekly, or monthly cadence.
  • 3. Reflect and grow
    Links to your entries will be sent to you in the future so you can get see through clear window into the past.

Choose your plan

Penzu is always free but our Pro plans offer more flexibility, customization, and features to maximize your journaling experience.

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Get started with our free plan. No credit card required.
Features include:
  • Unlimited entries
  • Mobile apps
  • Basic journal covers and fonts
  • Simple writing reminders
Most Popular
Penzu Pro
$19.99/ year
Make it yours with customization, plus pro-active features to keep you writing.
Everything in Basic, plus:
  • Encryption locking
  • Custom journal covers, fonts & colors
  • Entry tagging
  • PDF export
  • Writing prompts
  • Write via email (Penzu Post)
Penzu Pro+
$49.99/ year
The most powerful suite of tools for journaling.
Everything in Pro, plus:
  • Premium handwritten fonts
  • Fullscreen zen-mode
  • Versions & entry recovery
  • Premium support
  • Military grade encryption locking

Start writing today and change your life

People who keep a journal report being happier and healthier. Read more about the benefits of journaling.